Plim plim clown, printable invitation, JPG

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We introduce you an invitation with a personalized design. Inspired by Plim Plim
This is a .JPG DIGITAL FILE that will be sent to you in high resolution.
This file will be sent within 48hs after we receive all the required information.

- Digital paper size: 8.5" x 11" (A4)
- Invitation size: 4" X 6"
You can print the amount of copies that you need of this digital file. The colors may change between those you see on your monitor. The design of the ilustrations, colors and typography showed in the picture are an example.


After the check out, send an email to us with the following information (this is what you will see in the invitation):
*Age (of birthday)
*Date and time of the birthday party
*Assistance confirmation (if required)
*Language of the invitation

Once we receive your information, we will start personalize your file and in about 48hs you will receive and email with the design. We need you to confirm us if everithing you see is OK or if you need us to make some changes. After your approval, we will sent you a .pdf file with the final design.
We are going to change ONLY the information required in the first step. The changes are not applying to the design of the invitation or the elements on it. If you want a personalized design, you can ask for it on Etsy.
In case of being too many files or too heavy, you will receive them ziped on WINRar.
To unzip a file, right click on the zip file (ZIP, RAR) and then in "extract archives". Now you can choose the folder you want to keep them. Click on "show" and select the folder you want.

Print the file as many times as you need in a print shop or use the printer you have at home. Remember that the size of paper you need is A4 (8.5'' x 11'') in white color.

- You are paying just for our time and creativity in the designs and personalizing your order.
- This file is just for personal use.
- The colors may change between the screen and the printed version. We recomend using a profesional printer.
- We don't have the property licence of this characters.The copyrights of the character images or trademarks used in this design are not being sold. I do not claim ownership of these licensed characters. My fees cover only the time spent designing and creating the finished items.