Video invitation

What is a video invitation?
It is an animated video invitation.
The documents will be sent within 48 hours after receiving all the information required for personalization.

The animated invitation can be sent via email, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber,
iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber or basically any messaging application compatible with internet connection.
It is not recommended that the invitation be sent via Text Message, as most carriers
have small file limits and the image will be of poor quality. Another option if you want to send it
as a text message is to upload your video invitation to a cloud account (such as Dropbox, One Drive or Google Drive)
and simply copy and send a text message to the link that will direct your guests to the video.
Do I have to edit the video?
No. The personalization is done by our staff. The files are then sent to your registered email address.
What format do you send the file in?
Do you send printed material?
No. We do not send any printed material. Because it is DIGITAL material, colors may vary from what you see on your monitor due to monitor calibration. The artwork design, colors and fonts used are shown in the example.
TO ORDER (depends on the kit you want to purchase).
Make your purchase, and in the notes section send us the following information:
* Name
* Age (what is your birthday)
* Time and date of birthday party
* Address
/ //////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///
* Language of the data (English - Spanish - German - Italian)
This will be the textual information that will appear on the card.

Once we receive your information, we will start customizing your file and within 48hs approximately, we will send you an email with the finished design for your approval and to confirm if everything is correct or if you need any changes to be 100% satisfied. After your approval we will send you the files with the final design.
NOTE: We will only modify the mentioned data (detailed in STEP 1), not the designs or the elements that compose it. If you need a custom order, please let us know by sending an email request to:

Share the video invitation via Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp,
email or even upload it on your Facebook event page.
(This is an actual video invitation, not a website / youtube link.
You can download and save it via your phone, no need to log in to a computer)

- The payment you make is strictly for our time and creativity in the designs / customization of your order.
- The file is for personal use only.
- We do not have the license to own the characters. Our fee is only for the time we spend designing and customizing it for you.
-Refunds cannot be provided after delivery of the digital images due to the nature of the product.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us or our email: