Abby hatcher, kit printable

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DESCRIPTION the kit contains 25 digital products 

1 • Popcorn box- cap (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 ) (A3 - 29.7 X 42 CM)
2 • Paper bag (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 ) (A3 - 29.7 X 42 CM)
3 •10cm multipurpose circles (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
4 •“Thanks for coming” cards or multipurpose cards (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
5 • Invitation cards (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
6 • Wrappers (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
7 • Toppers or 5cm multipurpose circles (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
8 •“Welcome” poster (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 ) (A3 - 29.7 X 42 CM)
9 •“Happy Birthday” banner (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
10 •Pinata (with custom logo) (A3 - 29.7 X 42 CM)
11 •Toppers cake Happy birthday (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
12 • Party hats (A4 - 21 X 29.7 ) (A3 - 29.7 X 42 CM)
13 • Bottle wrap (with custom logo)(A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
14 • Little flags (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
15 • Candy bag (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
16 • Silhouettes of characters for centerpiece (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
17 • Capri sun label (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
18 • Food labels (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
19 • T-shirt logo - (Age + name + image) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
20 • Candy cone (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 ) (A3 - 29.7 X 42 CM)
21 • Jar labels (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
22• Banner name (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
23• Chip Bag - (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
24• Thank you label (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )
25• Bubble label - (with custom logo) (A4 - 21 X 29.7 )

26 ☺ Bonus LOGO JPG /
27 ☺ BONUS • Invitation cards (with custom name) WHATSAPP

*All of this files are .jpg

DIGITAL FILES are sent in high resolution JPG. Documents will be sent within 48hs after receiving all required information.
Because this is a DIGITAL material, you may print as many copies as you like. Colors may vary from what you see on your monitor due to monitor calibration. The design of the illustrations, colors and typographies that are handled in the card are shown in the example.

STEP 1: Make your purchase, and in the notes section send us the following information: *Name *Age (you are turning) *Birthday party time and date *Address //////////////////////////////////////////////////////
*Language of the data (English - Spanish) These will be the textual information that will appear on the card.
STEP 2: Once we receive your information, we will begin to personalize your file and within 48 hours approximately, we will send an email with the finished design for your approval and to confirm if everything is correct or if you need any changes to be 100% satisfied. After your approval we will send the files with the final design.
NOTE: We will only modify the mentioned data (detailed in STEP 1), not the design of the card or the elements that compose it.
STEP 3: Print the file as many times as you wish in a professional copy center or on your home printer. Remember that the paper needed for printing is A4 (8.5''x11'') / A3 (11''x16'') white.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - The payment you make is strictly for our time and creativity in designs/customize your order. - The file is for personal use only. - Colors may vary between screen and printed product on any digital file. It is recommended to use a professional printer. - We do not have the license to own the characters. Our fee is only for the time we spend designing and customizing it for you. -Refunds cannot be provided after delivery of the digital image/s due to the nature of the product. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us at our email:

♠ The entire kit is easy to print from any home printer or print store.
For personal use ONLY! You may NOT sell my designs as original digital or printed art or claim them as your own designs.

PLACES to print in the US: Walgreens online, CVS, Costco, VistaPrint,,; there are many places to print online and locally.

This file is for page printing, but if you want to print at a photo lab, you should know that some photo labs refuse to print copyrighted images, they do not provide copyright notices. If you choose to print them at a photo lab and they refuse to print, we will not issue a refund, try another local lab.

Our products are digital files only. No physical product will be shipped. Because our products are digital, we do not offer refunds. We will make exceptions to this no refund policy if there was an obvious error made by us.
Please note that you are paying for a creative service and time spent designing and customizing for you. This item is not a licensed product; All character images used are free and not for sale. We DO NOT SELL nor do we own the claim on graphic characters or graphics; they belong to their respective copyright holders. Items purchased for personal use only once and should not be resold for any reason.

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